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Revitalize, a non-hardcore raiding guild, began as From Ashes on the realm Velen to be a gathering of friends and family that enjoyed playing World of Warcraft together. Mïche and Mørana had been a part of several different types of guilds, from social to raiding and had even been Officers in a few of them. After deciding to create their own guild, some close friends soon followed. Through the 'journey' of leveling the guild from 1 to 25, Ashes started it's first raid group to start completing Tier 11 raid content, moving on to Firelands shortly after its release. Unfortunately, no solid progression was made until the heavy nerfs were imposed.

After the population of Velen became too dwindling for the now level 25 and highly active guild could withstand, the decision was made by Mïche, Mørana and new friend/Raid Leader Bevo, to transfer to Area 52. Unfortunately for the guild, 'From Ashes' was taken and thus, with a slight spin on the same ideal, 'Revitalize' was created. Many of the active members of Ashes transferred with the guild and several from other servers, including Steamweedle Cartel and Nazgrul, soon joined. With the new additons to the family, a new type of raiding guild emerged.

Revitalize is now currently 1/6 Heroic Mode MSV and 2/6 Normal Mode HoF. The guild is highly active, with 2 Progression groups running weekly and many very experienced and knowledgable players to assist new and verteran players alike.

If there are ever any questions and/or comments to be made, please don't hesitate to contact Disidian in game or an Officer of the guild. Be sure to also check our Recruitment sections for info on what we're in need of!

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